Tuesday, March 20, 2007

29 weeks...

I am still waiting for Dr. Troyer to stop by to give me an ultrasound. Dr. Murray (my regular OB/GYN) stopped by and applauded me for my low blood sugar and Henry's activity level. Apparently, I am her star patient. She did, however, tell me she'd be prescribing physical therapy and suggesting a nanny for helping me with Henry as I will be very weak from having been in bed for months. I'm a little bit sad about this as I'm not going to want to share Henry with anyone and also with the realization that I'm going to be too weak to take care of him on my own.

On a different note, I've had the opportunity to watch a bunch of baby having TV shows and every time the parents always say, "We just want our child to be happy." Maybe I'm reading to much into this or have become a cynic, but I just think this is a dumb thing to single out as the ONE thing you want for your child. Is this me being oversensitive or is this really an unrealistic expectation shaped by a hedonist and impatient culture? If I had to pick ONE thing for Henry--it sure as heck wouldn't be happiness. I think it would be for him to know he is loved. And then maybe for him to be honest and to have a sense of humor. Seems to me you'd be better off wishing a character trait for your child, because, let's face it--happiness is too dependent on outside circumstances. And there are so many things so much better than happy--joyful, hilarious, proud, satisfied. OK, I feel a bit like Tobey MacGuire in the movie Pleasantville right now.

Sure, I'd love for Henry to be happy, but wouldn't wishing him patience serve him better? Sloan and I know better than most that Tom Petty is right--waiting is the hardest part.

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Michelle said...

29 weeks!...I'll bet despite all the trouble you're going to carry this boy to full term! Maybe he'll even be late! just kidding....

I'm glad to hear that you're doing so well (and by "so well", I mean still pregnant)...even if it means having your feet above your head.

Thanks for the updates!