Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ninja Warrior

Sloan and I spent a wonderful weekend watching movies and TV. We watched my all time favorite movie, Charade (with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn), loads of Clean Sweep and Flip this House. We also found a new kick-butt show called "Ninja Warrior." It's a Japanese obstacle course show with English subtitles. There are all these crazy people hurling themselves around logs, over boulders, and up walls. Many of them wear ridiculous costumes. There were several men in traditional Japanese thongs, a couple guys in business suits, a cheerleader, Superman, and a guy in a leopard print unitard whom the announcer kept calling "the strongest transvestite in Japan." It's on the G4 network and it rocks!!

Sloan bought Henry's car seat and stroller on Saturday. He brought in the car seat for me to see. It is sitting on the couch in my room, waiting for my sweet Henry to arrive. (Hopefully it will be waiting at least 7 more weeks.)

I also somehow acquired a double ear infection. My doctor had to hunt down an otiscope as it's not a common instrument for an OB/GYN to carry. But they've got me on antibiotics and they hurt less today than they did yesterday.

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