Sunday, April 1, 2007

More Ninja Warrior

I think rather than a soccer player, Henry is working out in utero to be a Ninja Warrior Champion. When Sloan and I watched it today, he went crazy. When my vitals were being checked, he even had an accelerated heart rate for awhile before it went back down once we muted the TV. Maybe the Japanese shouting confused him?

When Sloan was moving between Houston and Chadsford, PA for the third or fourth time, his family lived in a Holiday Inn for a long time as their house was being finished. During this time, he and his brother, Marshall, came up with a long list of foods they wanted Mom to cook after they moved as eating out grew old quickly. Like them, I too have come up with a list of foods--except I want to do the cooking.

1. Mustard Glazed Pork tenderloin with garlic mashed potatoes and wilted spinach
2. Shrimp fried rice
3. Steak au poivre
4. Greensboro chicken with curry rice
5. Good Eats' meatloaf
6. Pesto gnocchi
7. Chicken Parmesan
8. My mother-in-law's Chicken divan
9. Blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup

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Janell Cowley said...

The dishes sound FABULOUS and I would love to get the recipes some time. Hope you are doing well and it was great talking with you the other day. You, Sloan and Henry continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Once I get Amy's new address I will get that to you. So far no success.