Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yummy Weekend and Happy 6th birthday Joshua!

This past weekend rocked. Maybe it was opening lots of gifts, eating cake, cookies, brownies, shrimp, Turtle Chex mix, and the like (which, by the way, did not mess with my blood sugar). Maybe it was blow drying my hair, wearing real clothes and make up for the first time. Maybe it was all the hugs and kisses from my brother's kids. Maybe it was my friend Stef flying all the way in from Dallas to surprise me. Who knows? Probably some strange mix of all of the above.

I am getting antsy for Henry to be born. I figure at the longest now it will only be four more weeks from Tuesday. May 22nd to be exact. 38 weeks. I have certainly earned my elective induction card and the earliest my OB/GYN will do it is then. But mainly I am excited about giving him kisses and cuddles. And I want to sleep in my own bed. Yeah, I know that Henry won't let me sleep for long. I think Sloan is looking forward to playing Legos with Henry when he gets older. We bought Joshua some Star Wars Legos for his birthday and Sloan saw a Legos kit that lets you build the entire Bat Cave and now he wants it. I said, "So what you're saying is that in about 4 years I'm going to lose you and Henry every Saturday to Legos?" Sloan said, "How come just Saturdays?"

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Sloan Phillips said...

I am also looking at some Slot-Car racetrack sets. They have one that lets you re-create the entire Formula-1 series...