Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Do they make baby cages?

I am wanting some sort of cage to put my son in. Not a small cage, mind you, but definitely something that will contain him. Despite my trying to thwart his mobility, he seems determined to move around. He crawls like he is a soldier in the jungle. He doesn't yet lift his tummy off of the floor and so continues to give himself rug burn on his face. He also rolls around a lot. I seem to remember some oldies song "Roll With Me Henry"--and I sing it to him, but really, I just wish he would stay where I put him at least until I finish using the potty. So we have made a trip to the store and bought all of those tacky plastic thingys you put in sockets and annoying latches for our kitchen cabinets. I have tried to trap him in the dining room that has evolved into his playroom (seeing as we no longer have the dining room table set up) by lining up pillows as he has yet to figure out how to go over them. He has, however, managed to squeeze through them. They also tick him off. I'll put him on the floor with his toys and then go to sew. He'll see me and start grunting when he gets to the body pillow and can't move. So he'll start kicking and grunting just to say, "Mom, you're really crampin' my style with this containment thing." I guess I'll have to break down and buy some sort of baby gate system.

Henry is also a bit grabby hands. We went to a Christmas Party last Friday night and I can definitely say that he was the most popular guy there with all of the ladies. He likes them a lot older than him. At one point, Sloan approached me asking, "Umm, where is our son?" I looked around, having not seen him in about ten minutes, and said, "Oh--he's over there. Being held by that woman I've never seen before in my life." He was passed around like a beach ball at a Jimmy Buffet concert. By the end of the night, he had broken two necklaces, untied two ladies' wrap dresses, and successfully felt up almost every woman at the party. He loves anything V-neck--it provides him with a little pocket to stick his chubby hand in and giggle. As we left, I told his Auntie Robin (whose party is was), "Yeah, I figure once your son has gone to second on every girl in the room it is time to go." What can I say? He is a man after his dad's own heart...

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