Monday, May 12, 2008

Henry and Lolly Play Outside

Henry: Hey, Lolly. Get in the pool with me. I know mommy can't wait to smell wet dog!
Lolly: Mommy, something smells kind of funky in this baby pool. What? You couldn't find the swim diapers so he's just going commando? No way am I getting in that pool with you, kid.

Lolly: Wait a second, Mommy. That thing in the pool, that thing I've been dragging around in my mouth looks an awful lot like a Bra Baby. It was too confusing for you, you say? So you just gave your son and your dog a bra contraption to play with?

Mommy: You lick your crotch.

Lolly: Touche, Mommy. Touche.

Lolly: I'm just going to chill underneath this slide.

Henry: I'm coming to get you, Lolly!

Henry: Give me kisses, Lolly! Kisses!

Lolly: Dude. You're my big brother. Can you at least close your mouth?

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