Thursday, April 29, 2010

6 months

Um, remember when Gracie just sort of sat there?

Yeah, not so much anymore. 
We are rolling with a purpose all around the room, sitting up in a Jane Fonda stretching to touch my toes pose, and are sleeping through the night. As in go to be at 7:30pm and waking up around 8am.  She even knows how to locate a lost passie and place in her mouth--which is tops in life skills when you are six months old.

The stats--
19 lbs, 6.5 oz (yeah--we made the chart--95th percentile)
26 inches long  (50th percentile)
43 cm head circumference (75th percentile)

Please pardon my messy face.  It's not boogs.  It's pears. 


mollie said...

i'd like to have it on record that she weighs more than eve does. we had her 1 year appointment today- she's 18 lbs, 13ozs. heehee

she's a beauty!

Kristie Truell said...

She. is. gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family Elizabeth! God has blessed you!