Saturday, April 24, 2010


When Sloan was a kid, he used to call people on the day before his birthday to wish them a "Happy Sloan Eve!" 

In honor of this, we have started the Birthday Eve tradition.  We went to Kabuto for lunch where Henry attempted to catch egg in his mouth.  Failed twice but thought egg bouncing off of his face was hilarious.  Went to the Book Exchange and got a Dinosaur book.  And after nap time, we had one of Henry's favorite people--Auntie Ann--over for dinner.  And yes, we let Auntie Ann bring Mr. D and their daughter, Baby Emily who Henry just calls Baby!  We had burgers, beloved corn on the cob, and a giant Funfetti Dinaco blue cupcake.  And we began the tradition of being able to open one present on your birthday eve--the gift from your sibling.  Gracie gave Henry a Handy Manny Matchbox car kit and a Mator Pez.  Henry ate all three sleeves of Pez candy after his giant slice of cupcake and eating all of the hard sugar Lightning McQueens from the cupcake.  Needless to say, we are thankful that his allergies require a nightly dose of Benedryl.  But in true birthday eve style, we called each of the grandparents to wish them a Happy Henry Eve. 

Because really, can you celebrate God blessing you with life enough?  (It sounds less like me spoiling my child when I couch it in spiritual terms...)

Auntie Ann and Gracie look down on Baby Emily in the ball pit.
While nobody puts baby in the corner, feel free to put baby in the ball pit
And let it be known that just to make sure the icing had enough sugar, I colored the homeade buttercream not with food coloring, but with blue sprinkles.  And then put a gumdrop on top.  When it was time to place the candles, Sloan asked, "Where do you want the candles?  The areola of the cake?"  Thanks for keeping it PG on Henry Eve, Sloan.


Kristie Truell said...

Oh, you crack me up. Especially the couching in spiritual terms and the super sugar cake. Why try to pretend like dessert is good for you?? Just go for it!

Ali said...

Happy Birthday Henry! He is one lucky boy.

the reppard crew said...

we love you very much, henry!