Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Obligatory Snow Picture

On Sunday, it started snowing.  It was pretty lame.  My friend Ali described it as "high school production snow".  But, around 7 o'clock, it started kicking in for reals.  Sticking to everything and accumulating nicely.  Which was shocking, because literally just the day before my daughter was running around and playing outside in her bare feet.  (Clearly, I need a third child because I have SUCH control over the two I have.  Ahem.)

As it began to fall in thick flakes,  I felt a little like the bad Mommy as facebook became littered with pics of kids in the snow in the dark.  But the kids go to bed at 7 and well, well, Sloan was out of town and I may or may not have had some Downton Abbey to watch. 

The next morning, Henry was so excited it had snowed.  He began panting, "Ok.  We are first going to have some hugs.  Then we are going to go outside and play in the snow.  Then we will come back in and have chocolate milk and cookies and hug some more.  Then we will go in the snow and go sledding and make snowballs and a snow fort and a snow man.  Then we'll come back inside for more chocolate and hugs.  Then sledding again!  Then we will watch a movie in our pajamas and I will wear my robe."   I was suddenly preparing breakfast for Buddy the Elf.

I replied, "Umm...I'm cool with most of that plan.  I like the way you think.  But that's an awful lot of coming in and out and snow makes your clothes wet and a big mess and we already have a lot of dirty laundry.  So here is what we are going to do.  Hugs.  Then chocolate milk.  Then we will go outside and play.  There's not enough snow for a fort or a snowman, (ok, there was...but Henry helps for maybe three minutes and then I'm left there peeved because my snowman is ugly) but we can sled some in the backyard. And we can play on the slide and make snow angels and ride the shuttle boards and be silly.  We will stay outside for as long as you want.  But when we come in, we are in for the morning.  Because the clothes will be wet and muddy (oh, did I fail to mention that by 8am, it already sounded as though it was raining because of how quickly it was melting?).  And when we come inside, we can have more chocolate and more hugs and yes, you can wear your pajamas ALL DAY LONG and even your red robe and we can watch a movie.  It is Gracie's turn to pick the movie."

So that, my friends, is how we found ourselves in our pajamas watching Wall-E and drinking chocolate milk for the better part of yesterday. 

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