Monday, April 23, 2012

Angry Birds Party

On Saturday we hosted Henry’s 5th birthday party.  I attempted to convince Henry he really wanted a party at Monkey Joe’s or the pool, but he said, “No, Mom.  We can invite more of our friends if we have it at our house.  It will just be easier if we stay here.”  

Easier for whom?

But I do so love an at home birthday party.  What is the point in having a house if not to share it with your friends and celebrate the life that God has given you?  I mean, why have a dining room table that seats 12 adults comfortably if not to squeeze 22 preschoolers around it?  (Of course, my dining room isn’t large enough for the table with the leaves in it, so we had to put it in our living room.) 

He wanted an Angry Birds party.  So I googled “Free Angry Birds Printables” and was able to find and personalize this invitation.   

My buddy Melissa made 2 dozen cupcakes which I added Angry Birds Rings to, while Henry and I made this heck of a cake.  

For activities, I made a green pig piñata.  It was our Spring Break activity.   

Tips for making a piñata.  Figure out how you are going to hang it before actually making it.  And DEFINITELY before stuffing it with 15 pounds of candy.  Also, only do three layers of paper mache.  You  might worry that it won’t be sturdy enough to withstand the whacks of kiddos.  False.  5 layers will be akin to making it out of airplane grade aluminum.  And it will take parents wielding their children as bats to break it down. 
We also had an egg hunt (because we were trying to help those birds out!).  The eggs were filled with little toys and trinkets.  I figured between the cupcakes and candy, toys were in order.  Otherwise the party favor would’ve been Type II Diabetes.  Each kid could find a dozen or so eggs.  While we found our eggs, it began to rain.  (We were racing against the threat of thunderstorms, so I was worried about missing what was Henry’s biggest desire for the party—the water balloon fight.) 

And how should you best end an Angry Birds party?  By launching water balloons at three giant green pigs.  (Because what is the point of having teenage cousins if they can’t be targets at your 5th birthday party?)  

Oh, dear Henry.  You have been a joy since you were just a blob of cells in a photo.  Since you were the wiggler kicking me in the gut while we watched Ninja Warrior from our hospital room.  Since you fought your way out of the NICU and into our home.  My darling Henry, you fully deserved that Courtesy medal you won at your soccer game.  

Two more days until you are a whole hand.  When did that happen?

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