Monday, June 17, 2013

CFA Giveaway

We have been so blessed to know and be known by the sweet Mercer family.  Their oldest girls have babysat our kids and their youngest two kids are playmates for Henry and Grace.  We think of them as family.    We even had the treasure of double dating with our eldest nephew Anderson and their daughter Makenzie.  And if you ever try to tell Grace her yellow clad Princess Barbie is Belle, she will quickly tell you that no, it’s her “Miss Kenzie bah-bee.”  They pray for our adoption process because they know first hand the stressors of international adoption, their youngest two being adopted from Guatemala just prior to the country’s adoption shutdown.

Why am I going on and on about how awesome they are?

Because they have gone and donated a YEAR’S WORTH OF CHICK-FIL-A  for us to give away. What?  You know those 52 #1 meal cards that people camp out for before a store opening?  Yeah.  Those.  It’s over a $300 value!!!

So how do you win these?  Here’s how:

DONATE to our adoption fund through our WEPAY account in the left hand sidebar.  (Right above the awesome fundraiser shirt that you totally need…or, you know, just click the embedded link.)

FOR $10 you get 2 entries.
FOR $25 you get 7 entries.                  
FOR $50 you get 15 entries.

 You can also share for 1 FREE ENTRY PER DAY until the raffle closes on Friday, June 21, 2013 at 5pm ET.  

So share on Facebook!  If you share on Twitter—tag Sloan to track it (@VaGamecock) and use the hashtag #phillipsadopt.  If you share on Instagram—tag me (@ejphillips) and also use the #phillipsadopt hashtag.  If you pin it to pinterest, same deal—mention me in the comments @ejphillips.  No more than one free entry a day (so that’s a possible 5 free entries), but you will still get major props from me if you blast it from all of your social media outlets or share on your blog 4 million times a day. 

The winner will receive 52 #1 meal cards.  They will be issued with our local CFA’s name on them (Brandermill/Hull Street), but are usable at any US Chick-Fil-A.  They will also come with a certificate of authenticity from Todd Mercer in the event the winner should run into any problems. 

In order to coordinate the donations and social media shares, we will be doing this raffle old school style: names written on pieces of paper and drawn from a box.  The winner will be drawn by Henry by 10 am on Saturday, June 22, 2013.  I will upload what I’m sure to be an adorable video of this event.

But wait?  Elizabeth, aren’t you scared that no one will donate and everyone will just share for their 5 free entries.  Yes.  I’m actually petrified of that.  Because we have travel expenses to raise.  And we are looking at AT LEAST $8000 in airfare.  Between $1500-$3000 in hotel expenses.  And then we also hope to have about $4,000 walking around cash for the three weeks we are in country for food, fabric, gifts, taxi fare, tips, etc.  And none of our in country expenses can be made on the credit card.  So folks, donate.  Get your friends to donate.  Share.  Share again.  

And then win some chicken. 

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