Saturday, June 22, 2013

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!! And the chicken goes to...

First off, let me take a beat again to thank the Mercer family for providing the prize for this week's giveaway.  What a blessing.  Secondly, I want to thank everyone who donated.

I went into this giveaway thinking we would raise $500 or so.  Secretly hoping for about $900 (approximately the cost of one child's one way plane ticket home).  But God had other plans.

I was worried that no one would donate and it would be awash in just folks sharing.  Nope.  I think maybe three people shared who didn't also donate?  And most people donated above the minimum donation of $10.  And it wasn't all just my close buddies donating.  Old friends came out of the woodwork.

At one point, Sloan saw me writing a name on a big stack of tickets.
He said, "Who is that?"
"Oh, just a guy I made out with in high school after Young Life..."  
"Just how many people that you've kissed donated?"
"In this contest?  (Pause) Two."

Husbands love that kind of generosity. Whatever. That was awesome.

Strangers also donated.  I used to make fun of Sloan for his obsession with the Jay Mohr Sports show  (like he gets on air and talks and has his tweets read on air so much that he is in some type of club and we've won gift cards).  No more.  Some of his fellow "Twitter Hat Trick Club" members donated. And donated big time.

All in all there were 493 entries.  We raised $1787.50. Which is basically 10 days of our hotel stay.  Or both kids plane tickets.

So who won?  Without further ado, I give you the video whose working title is "Maybe not get on video in your pajamas..."

So in case you're too lazy or the threat of seeing me half asleep is just too much for you to bear...


I could not be happier for my college roomie and sorority sister, ET.  (Yes, we were ET and EJ.  People loved us.)  Lest you feel bad for not winning, know these free chicken dinners are going to a family who serves our country.  ET's husband is a Marine pilot.  And when I want to pout because my husband travels, I remember ET and I shut my mouth.  In my memory, they've lived in San Diego, Texas, back to San Diego, and are now in Virginia and her husband has done several tours overseas.  And never have I heard her complain.  Mainly I just see her loving her three young kids, serving in her church, and kicking butt at CrossFit.  But it just makes me so happy to give it to a family that serves our country.  Because not only do our service men and women deserve our gratitude, so do the wives, husbands, and kids who share them with us.  Who pray and wait for them to return home.  I wish I had nuggets to give to them all.

So Elizabeth Stevens, you're our winner!  Congrats!  I'll get these in the mail to you this week.  xoxo

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